Audio Systems 

“The sound of music is the voice of love.”

- Petrarch

Crestron Music System Demo

Guests arrive at your party. They mingle, move room to room and outside to the pool and garden. The music you have carefully chosen to set the mood for the occasion continues unobtrusively, adding to the festivity. The sound quality is consistent everywhere, and each area is tuned to a specific volume from any control in the house. Nothing could be more convenient.

Music Flows Throughout the Home

Whether you’re entertaining or just enjoying yourself, your multi-room stereo system from Radiant Audio Design allows you to listen with ease to anything you choose, anywhere you want. Using quality components and discreetly placed wall, ceiling and bookshelf speakers, a luxurious saturation effect is achieved. Our extensive experience with speaker placement allows music to drift effortlessly from room to room, permeating and surrounding the living space.

Serious music lovers won’t have to miss a beat, even outside. Serve lunch by the pool and your music or entertainment moves with you from kitchen to patio. Listen to morning radio while you get ready for work and have breakfast. Choose your favorite background music to play throughout the home while entertaining. You have house-wide access with simple, intuitive controls. Turn on certain areas, tune out others or turn groups of rooms on or off with a single touch.

Quality of Sound, Ease of Use

The expert team at Radiant Audio Design creates multi-room stereo systems that are astonishingly easy to use. The entire system is designed to work seamlessly with the fabric of your home. Attractive keypads blend with other wall mounted architectural switches, and speakers are placed discretely both indoors and out as recommended – even in the shower. Your AM/FM radio, CD changer, music server, satellite radio, MP3 player and other audio components are available from any room in the house. These keypad locations provide simple control of volume, source and track selection. Preferred radio stations are preset and favorite music files can be stored on playlists to create your own personalized music library. Digital satellite radio is an easy way to find favorite CD quality stations. Step up to more advanced control options that display station, artist and song title information or take full control of the system using touch panel control screens.

Surround yourself. Radiant Audio Design lets you focus on the music, not the gear.

Music System Demo