Lighting Control 

Home planning and design requires a host of important decisions. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking or underestimating a significant element of home design: lighting and lighting control.

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Lighting to Match Your Lifestyle

Building and planning for a custom home requires careful thought as to how a space will be lived in. Many new considerations arise especially in homes with significant amounts of indoor or outdoor lighting. How can I eliminate the clutter of a bank of wall switches in every room? Will it be a hassle to turn all the lights off at night? Is it possible to consolidate control of the lights in large spaces? How can I get better control of outdoor lighting? And what about security and emergency lighting considerations? A lighting control system is your answer to these questions.

Integrated Lighting Control

Lighting ControlThe key to our success with lighting control is combining a traditional approach to design with the use of advanced integration capabilities. Lighting must be planned and installed to interact seamlessly with other elements such as room layout, window treatments and sophisticated entertainment systems. Integration means your subtle, sophisticated lighting scheme will be simplified so that clusters of switches become a single attractive wall plate. And we are careful to make sure a switch is located and operates in a conventional fashion so there’s no fumbling in the dark.

With this approach, light switches can be made to look uniform so that the same buttons function similarly in every room of the house. Select “All Off” from a single location near the garage or from the bedroom at night. Select groups of rooms, floors or areas to control from anywhere in the house. Bring your outdoor environment to life with pool, deck and landscape lighting that can be controlled identically from all egress points.

Then, personalize the preset levels of your integrated system by having it programmed for seasonal changes, vacations or any event from a lively pool party to a quiet, romantic evening.

When you work with the experts of Radiant Audio Design, you can be sure that your lighting will incorporate sophistication, flexibility and ease of use.