Communication & Security 

You are renovating or building a new home. How do you make sure that you’ll be equipped with the correct wiring infrastructure to handle all of your needs – both today and in the future? At Radiant Audio, it’s our job to understand and plan for the complexities that come along with home electronics and communications wiring.

Is Your Home Being "Wired for the Future"?

New technologies are constantly emerging and being adopted for use throughout the home. But only for those homes that are prepared. And being prepared is more than just setting up a wireless infrastructure. The best wireless technology is distributed throughout the home using a hard-wired backbone. Our structured wiring specification handles not only Ethernet communications but also multiple phone lines, cable and satellite HDTV, in-home video distribution, WiFi networked computing and sophisticated security systems. Sound complicated? It’s not when you let Radiant Audio Design take care of the details.

Wiring Integrated into Home Design

Radiant Audio Design focuses on home integration, and that includes wiring that will stand the test of time. Our approach to home wiring targets five critical areas:

  1. Television Wiring throughout the home provides hard-wired plug-ins that allow for emerging technologies as soon as they arrive.
  2. Communications Capability provides access not only for multiple telephone lines but also for connections to computer modems, fax machines, DSL lines – anything you’d need for home or business use.
  3. Computer Networking delivers a turn-key solution for all of your networking needs.
  4. Security Systems that are integrated into the fabric of your home by our experts independently or in cooperation with our chosen security firm.
  5. Systems Integration Wiring ties together all of the major electronics systems throughout the home. Audio, video, lighting, HVAC, security monitors and more can all be integrated onto a simple touch panel user platform.

Radiant Audio Design is making the “smart home” concept a reality, and the time to act is now – during home construction. Correcting your wiring later can be a costly nightmare. If your wiring is smart, you can enjoy the ultimate in home communications and security and be ready when the future delivers exciting new options. Let All Around Technology show you how easy it can be to future proof your home today and make tomorrow’s technology possible.