Custom Home Theatre 

"The theatre is home to all the senses.”

- Molière

Ultimate Theatre

Break away from work and obligations, escape into an environment free from distraction. A place that is all about relaxation and entertainment. Your own private movie theater. When was the last time you felt truly moved or touched by an entertainment experience? Became so engrossed that you forgot about time and your surroundings? Radiant Audio Design delivers these cinematic experiences again and again. When the right elements come together in harmony, the result is truly astounding.

Brilliant Home Theater

We understand your appreciation for quality treatments throughout the home. You should have the same when it comes to your own personal getaway. The expertise and knowledge of Radiant Audio Design bring you this level of superb theater design and implementation.
The Finest Components, the Most Luxurious Finishes

You enter your theater and settle into the plush seating. A simple touch of the control screen brings the system to life. Room lighting adjusts to an ideal viewing level while an array of superior sights and sounds begin to envelop you. At the same time, you sink into a supreme level of comfort made possible by our careful attention to every detail. The equipment is remarkably silent, outside noises are banished, calmness is omnipresent.

This creates an entertainment environment in which all the subtleties are distinctly perceptible. A hushed whisper, the pluck of a violin or the puff of a cigar. Experience it all in cinematic true-to-life colors presented in stunning high-definition resolution. A total excitement of the senses. You can be sure that whatever entertainment you choose, the experience will be both high caliber and effortless. Radiant Audio focuses on performance and aesthetic details that are often overlooked.

Collaborative Design and Implementation

Custom Theatre

The theater experts of Radiant Audio Design work closely with you, your architect, decorator and contractor as your new home is being built.
The process begins with a careful study of the planned space. Professionals draw on extensive theater design expertise to create the ideal room layout, literally from the ground up. HVAC system design, power and grounding requirements and house generated noises are scrutinized to eliminate unwanted sensory evidence of one’s surroundings.

A specialized acoustical study of the room is then produced for precise specification of absorptive, reflective and refractive materials. Finally, the finished treatments are developed in collaboration with your decorator and architect. After all elements and processes are determined, Radiant Audio provides vigilant coordination and tracking of the construction process..

When the room is complete and all systems are installed, our team of calibrators go to work to achieve the performance you would expect from an ultimate cinema. Video calibration is performed by our specialists to develop the latest standards for picture resolution, color temperature, light output, contrast ratio and color decoder accuracy. Similarly, with audio, our techs are called on to tune the equalization settings, reflection delay and response levels.

The result is all-encompassing luxury. Comfort along with spectacular entertainment, all at your command. So, relax and enjoy; the experience is unforgettable.